Whatsapp For Business: The Present and The Future

A lot of businesses are already using Whatsapp for their business, either by chatting with the customer to take orders or sending pictures of their product to their customer.

In Nigeria, Konga and Jobberman are examples of popular businesses in Nigeria making use of Whatsapp.

Konga makes use of Whatsapp click to chat on their website to allow potential buyers to chat with the merchants about their products

Jobberman is gradually moving its VAS SMS contents to Whatsapp. Users can subscribe to different categories of Jobs on Jobberman and gets daily content on Jobberman.

Who will think VAS is going to Whatsapp?

How Businesses Can Make Use of Whatsapp – The Present

From the Konga and Jobberman case study, a business can currently make use of  Whatsapp Click to Chat feature for:

  1. Customer Contact for enquiries
  2. Building Subscriber Base

How to Use Whatsapp Click to Chat


To put a click to chat button on your website so that your customer start a chat with you on Whatsapp using your Whatsapp phone number, follow the step below:

  1. Use the following link and add the full phone number in international format. For example, if you are a Nigerian and your phone number is 07012345678, your international phone number will be 2347012345678<international phone number>



In the case of Jobberman example with certain keywords, for example, to subscribe for banking alert send Bank to 2347012345678.

Or in the case of Konga, the pre-filled message could be “How much is the last price for Nokia 8”.

To put a click to chat button on your website so that your customer start a chat with you on Whatsapp  with a keyword or pre-filled message, follow the step below:

  1. Use the following link, replace phone number with your WhatsApp phone number in international format (as described above) and add an URL-encoded pre-filled message or keyword.<international phone number>&text=urlencodedtext



To allow your customer to share your content on WhatsApp with their friends, use the link below

For Example, to share this post, click on this link

Whatsapp Plans for Businesses

Whatsapp knows a lot of businesses are already using their platform to enhance their business. But the way businesses currently use WhatsApp is pretty rudimentary.

I can imagine that the Jobberman Whatsapp Job Alert service will be managed by just one of their staff from a single smartphone and would be stressful attending to thousands of subscription request at the same time.

Automation or use of bots is not officially supported on Whatsapp, in fact, Whatsapp will ban any account suspected to be a bot.

There are few current workarounds for automation prior to Whatsapp Business Account, one of them is  Waboxapp that allows you to connect your Whatsapp Web to a bot webhook.

Consequently, In September 2017, Whatsapp announced on their blog, their plans for business accounts, so business can connect to their customers  WhatsApp is exploring ways for you to connect with the businesses that matter to you.

Since then, Whatsapp has been testing new their Whatsapp Business Account features that aim to solve some of these challenges and make it easier for people to communicate with the businesses they want to reach on WhatsApp.

The testing is a closed pilot program. If you’re interested in testing our business tools, you can fill out their survey. If you are lucky you can get into the closed pilot program and download the Whatsapp Business App on the app store.

Whatsapp Business App

There will be a free WhatsApp Business app for small companies and an enterprise solution for bigger companies operating at a large scale with a global base of customers, like airlines, e-commerce sites, and banks.

  1. Official presence – a verified profile so people can identify a business from another person
  2. An easier way to respond to messages.
  3. Businesses will be able to use these solutions to provide customers with useful notifications like flight times, delivery confirmations, and other updates.

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