VAS Aggregators in Nigeria

According to the Notice on the NCC website, The NCC Board has approved the recommendation for the grant of Value Added Services – Aggregator Licence to the following 9 (nine) Companies:

  1. I-Cell Media Limited
  2. Nine Jojar Limited
  3. 21st Century Technologies Limited
  4. Nitro Switch Limited
  5. HML Consulting Limited
  6. Cognys Systems Limited
  7. Perpetual Communications Limited
  8. Mobile Intelligence Limited
  9. Iyke Jordan Limited

Who is an Aggregator?

An aggregator will primarily provide a concentration point to limit the number of devices that will be directly connected to the operators. It will eliminate the need for a Content Service Provider to maintain multiple physical connections to each network operator. It will neither be allowed to host or distribute contents and applications, nor will it have access to the information passing through it or perform any data level processing.

Core Functions

  1. Provide simplified, direct and secure connection to content and application providers for access to all network operators that have the capability to transmit value added services to end users. This service will be limited to multiplexing of signals from various VAS providers and distributing same to all network operators as requested by each content and application provider.
  2. Provide direct link to the internet or International Data Access service providers for content and application providers who wish to market their services globally.
  3. Securely transport content to and from operators and VAS content service provider systems

Auxiliary Services

  1. Provision of collocation services to those requiring it.
  2. Provision of billing and revenue collection services to content and application providers as may be required.
  3. Provide intermediation for billing verification between parties in the VAS value chain

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