NCC Short-Code Harmonization Plan

Under the new system, code for checking airtime balance would be same for all the networks, likewise for data balance and other services. Current codes being used by the telcos would run concurrently with the new codes for 12 months and 12 months for VAS providers, after which the old would be phased out.

NCC is trying to harmonise short-code allocation, and with the new short-code there will be the following changes:

  1. Under the new plan, short-codes will no longer be shared for instance using 2708 for Jobs, entertainment, educational services will not be allowed.
  2.  Short-codes will be assigned based on the category they fall under in the new numbering plan
  3. The same short-code will be used across all network, in the case of checking account balance, the same short code will be used

Short Code Category By number of Digits

  1. 3 Digit Short-Code
  2. 4 Digit Short-Code
  3. 5 Digit Short-Code

3 Digit Short Code

  1.  Emergency & Security Codes : 3 digits that start with 1: 1XX e.g 112, 123
  2. National Codes: 3 digit that start with 2 (2XX) : e.g 212
  3. Banking & Financial Services Codes: Codes starts with 5 (5XX) e.g 537
  4. Network & Internal Code For Operators: Codes starts with 4 (4XX) e.g 400
  5. Common Service Codes: Codes like check balance, borrow credit will now be common across all network
    1. Call Centre 300
    2. Voice Mail Deposit 301
    3. Voice Mail Retrieval 302
    4. SMS Verification 304
    5. Stop Services 305
    6. Credit Recharge 311
    7. Data Plan 312
    8. Borrow Services 313
    9. Share Services 321
    10. Check Balance 322
    11. Data Plan Balance 323

4 Digit Shortcodes

5 Digit Shortcodes

Disclaimer: This is a plan, and hasn’t been finalized

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